Google launches YouTube Chile

YouTube has presented in Chile its site local version (, which will enable users to gain access to content of such region more easily

Chile is the fifth Latin American country in relying on its own portal, together with Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. Growth rates are expected to be similar to those recorded in Mexico, where visited videos increased a 25% in the first three months of service.

The new platform enables Chilean users to rely on greater local visibility of favorite-marked videos and channels they may be subscribed to. In turn, sponsors can place ads targeted to viewers of such country.

Over the course of the site presentation, Ricardo Blanco, Google and YouTube Communications Manager for Latin America stated that Chile does not rely on its “members” program -which enables most popular-video users to obtain economic benefits – but that they were working on it to offer it as soon as possible. YouTube is expected to release its local site in Peru.

According to Alexa traffic ranking YouTube is fourth in Chile, after Google Chile, Facebook and At a global level, the video portal comes third.